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Finishing standard

Number of storeys: 4 overground.

Finishing technology:

• foundation walls – concrete blocks,
• external curtain walling –SILKA blocks 24 cm,
• insulation– Styrofoam 18 cm,
• ceilings – hollowcore slabs,
• stairs – prefabricated,
• inclined roof.

The finishing works standard in common part of the building and the area surrounding constituting common part of the property: balcony – prefabricated products.


• PVC windows,
• flights and landings – natural stone, granite,
• balustrade – steel, painted,
• walls – gypsum plaster,
• painting – emulsion paint,
• installation – lights,
• door – aluminum.

Elevation and external elements:

• elevation – mineral painted plaster,
• windowstools – coated steel,
• gutters - zinc coated steel sheet, powder painted,
• release pipes - PVC.

Land development:

• entry and access roads, parking lots – paving blocks (Polbruk),
• undeveloped area - plated with grass + waste disposal facility + playground.

Number of premises in the building: 21 residential premises (in case of joining or dividing apartments the number of premises may change) .

Available media in the building:

• Central heating installation,
• Cold water,
• Sewerage system,
• Electric installation – voltage 230 V and 400 V,
• Intercom system,
• TV installation,
• Internet network,
• Lightning installation.

Standard of finishing works in the apartment:

1. Apartment finishing elements:

• Leveling layer under floor, concrete on a Styrofoam of 5 cm,
• PVC windows, glass factor U = 1,1,
• Entrance door - reinforced,
• Surface of construction walls - machined gypsum plaster,
• Ceilings – machined gypsum plaster,
• Partitions of plasterboards of the ProMonta type (thickness 8cm) without door and window frames.

2. Installations in an apartment:

• Water system supplied to the apartment with cold water meter, without distribution,
• Sewerage system - plumb lines with t-connectors prepared for distribution,
• Electric installation distributed in the premises, domestic fittings (without lamps),
• Central heating installation,
• Mechanic ventilation,
• TV installation supplied to the apartment,
• Internet network installation supplied to the apartment,
• Intercom system supplied to the apartment - set.

Facade coloring:

Variant nr 1:

Variant nr 2:

Variant nr 3:

Variant nr 4:

Variant nr 1

Variant nr 2

Variant nr 3

Variant nr 4

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