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Kołobrzeg is one of the most beautiful Polish health resort whose spa tradition have been preserved for almost 200 years. Climatic and landscape values of the city with a great treatment offer, wide sandy beach and close-by whortleberry deposits for many years have attracted patients and visitors to Kołobrzeg. It is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to arguments on the basis of which Budnex decided to make its latest seaside investment Porta Mare Baltica right here.

Porta Mare Baltica shall be located only 750 meters from the sea, in a peaceful area of Kołobrzeg, between well-known resort district of the city and the Eastern EkoPark under protection. These environmentally exceptional areas with unique examples of flora and fauna create a network of picturesque pathways leading along the beach, through forests, moors and marshes, compared to those on the Biebrza River.

The new investment of Budnex in Kołobrzeg draws inspiration and the best solutions from the apartment buildings complex Porta Mare LEŚNE TARASY, already completed in Dziwnówek, which has been completely sold out.

The complex of seaside apartments Porta Mare Baltica in Kołobrzeg shall consist of six three-stroey buildings. Each of them shall include 21 apartments of the area from 33 to 69 sq.m. Among them there will be premises with 2, 3 and 4 rooms. Each apartment has at least on e balcony and the largest ones have two balconies including one corner balcony. This private space in the open air can even reach 17 sq.m. Each building is equipped with contemporary silent-running elevator. In the investment area there are also playgrounds and outdoor gym and a large number of parking places.

The building investment shall be divided into several stages. Completion of first four buildings Porta Mare Baltica shall commence in July 2017 and the new apartments shall be handed over to future owners already in June 2019. At the stage of rising the buildings Budnex enables its clients to combine premises into larger apartments reaching the area of over 100 sq.m.

Why choose Porta Mare Baltica?


Due to location Kołobrzeg attracts tourists throughout the year and is well known due to its characteristic coastal climate.

The city gained popularity of the uniquely charming spa among patients, as well as both Polish and foreign guests. This is also supported by the city greenery. Some areas of the city are located within borderlines of two areas Natura 2000. Furthermore in Kołobrzeg there are parks with the total area of 90 ha and four of them are registered in the Register of objects of cultural heritage. One of them is The Aleksander Fredry Park located nearby Porta Mare Baltica of over 20 ha.

One of the main advantages of Kołobrzeg is certainly the sea port with the lighthouse which are the symbol and visiting card of the city.

The port located on the estuary of the River Parsęta plays a trade, passenger, fishing and yacht function. The last function should especially appeal to sailing lovers. The Salt Marina located in the port is a perfect place for sailors and motorboat enthusiasts hungry for wonderful experience. The marina situated in the city center is visited by yachts from the entire world.

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