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apartments for sale with an area from 25 m² to 102 m²

It is worth adding that within the Porta Mare MARINA, two buildings with 242 apartments for sale will be erected. The offer will include premises with an area from 25 m² to 102 m² to choose from.
Those who are looking for a larger living space can use an option, at the customer's request, of joining several premises to create a larger apartment.

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A view of the surroundings, passing ships and the nearby marina is one of assets of Porta Mare Marina, that is why each of the apartments will have a balcony or terrace. The developer's offer also includes phenomenal apartments located on the top floors of the buildings. They will include terraces of over 100 square meters as well as spacious balconies of up to 75 square meters.

Under the whole project there will be an underground garage hall with 176 parking spaces. The investor has also designed 69 parking spaces in front of the complex. The buildings will also include places for individual storage of sports or beach equipment, hence storage units and basements.

Rest and recreation

Swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, playground, beautiful views and lots of other attractions

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Relax as you like

Porta Mare MARINA is a place created for rest and recreation. This complex of individual apartments will have a swimming pool, sauna and fitness room. The developer has also thought about the youngest residents of the apartment complex and has designed a playground in the project area.

Near the project, there is located the Martwa Dziwna Lake, which is the former natural mouth of the Dziwna River. Once the new mouth was dug in the late nineteenth century, this place has become a refuge for birds and a lot of legally protected species of flora and fauna.

It is also worth adding that in the immediate vicinity of Porta Mare MARINA, there is the Wrzosowska Bay, which is an ideal place for kitesurfing. In addition, the surrounding forests and the proximity of the Woliński National Park make the climate healthy and the air clean. Cycling enthusiasts can take advantage of numerous cycling routes, and golf enthusiasts can indulge in their passion on a nearby golf course in Grębów. One cannot forget about a park of miniatures and queues located in the neighbourhood.

Large balconies and terraces, beautiful views

Large windows - view of the surrounding area, passing ships and a nearby marina, among other things

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Magic of the place

The charm of this location is not only the green neighbourhood and the river wharf of the Dziwna mouth.
It is also flapping on the wind sails of yachts calling at the nearby marina as well as a drawbridge that connects the Wolin Island to the mainland.

The project is located on the outskirts of Dziwnów, which offers peace and quiet on the one hand as well as charms and advantages of a seaside resort at your fingertips on the other hand.

In the fishing port you can buy fresh fish directly from a cutter; the nearby passenger ship marina offers tourist cruises, and the new beach promenade in Dziwnów is the quintessence of small coastal towns, which is distinguished from other resorts by the Sports Stars Avenue.

From Dziwnów, it is close to the health resorts of Świnoujście and Kamień Pomorski, also known for concerts of sacred music. One cannot forget about the famous Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje.

Comprehensive services

An apartment can be finished as a turnkey solution; we offer full-scope rental management

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You don't need to worry about ANYTHING

Budnex puts great emphasis on a comprehensive approach and customer service, hence the solutions that are to meet expectations of customers who dream about their seaside apartment.

Three fit-out packages

Customers can use services of a recommended and professional renovation company that offers to fit out their apartment as a turnkey solution according to a standard chosen by the customer. There are available three fit-out packages with a different scope of services, standard and price. Those who decide to rent out their purchased apartment can take advantage of the property management offer by Porta Mare. This service includes, among other things, cleaning, changing bedding or acquiring tenants.

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