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Turnkey fit out

You are probably wondering whether it makes sense to use turnkey fit-out services at all?

Will you believe us if we tell you that your time is the most precious thing during the finishing of your apartment? Countless hours of choosing the right materials, dozens of phone calls to find a construction team, another dozen phone calls to find carpenters and fitters. And this is just the beginning. Do you know that in the case of a cumbersome construction team you will spend hours in the apartment looking for a solution to another problem?

Choosing an apartment turnkey fit-out program spares your nerves and saves you time that you would never recover.

Interior adjusted to YOUR needs


Choose the package of turnkey interior design that are of interest to you and read the details of the offer:



- consultation with a specialist for housing equipment and assistance in choosing finishing materials,
- a project with visualizations of bathrooms,
- assembly of swing doors (chipboard) and door frames,- assembly of AC4 or AC5 class floor panels with skirting boards,
- assembly of floor porcelain tiles in the kitchen and hallway with plinths (alternatively floor panel),
- comprehensive finishing of bathrooms: tiles, white installation (shower tray, 80/90 cabin, washbasin on the cabinet, bathtub), batteries, glued mirror,
- filling, sanding and painting walls in white or pastel color,
- assembly of lamps and electrical equipment in places prepared by the developer,
- installation of double-track ceiling rails for curtains and net curtains, with a cover.


- preparing the kitchen with visualization,
- assembly of a modular kitchen, fronts made of laminated board,
- kitchen equipment with full household appliances,
- full furniture in the hall, living room and bedroom according to the standard offer,
- hanging TV in the living room, a channel for cables let into the wall,
- fittings and lamps in a medium standard mounted in places prepared by the Developer,
- double-track aluminum KS rails, masks,
- blackout curtain material, white voile curtains with a homogeneous structure.

Premium – in addition to the Standard package:


- interior arrangement design and visualization of the entire apartment,
- GK board system,- use of MDF full doors,
- Quick Step laminated panels,
- floor tiles with a higher standard,
- finishing bathrooms with higher standard materials,
- painting walls in any color, use of wall decors in the living room, wallpaper,
- preparation of electrical installation for the client's project with assembly of lamps and accessories.


- assembly of the kitchen to size with a higher standard of fronts and accessories with the use of additional wall and ceiling panels,
- assembly of household appliances from renowned brands,
- full furniture equipment in accordance with the design,
- living room decoration,
- lamps and fittings with a higher standard, increased number of light points consistent with the design of the arrangement.

VIP – in addition to the Standard and Premium packages:


- interior design project with full visualization,
- wooden floor,
- floor tiles in larger formats of increased quality,
- Walk-in wall in the bathroom, concealed installation with a rain shower, free standing bathtub, mirror in the frame, asymmetric heater, high-quality tiles, washing machine,
- non-rebated door,
- custom decorations on the walls.


- assembly of the kitchen to size with high quality materials with the use of additional wall and ceiling lacquered panels,
- standard and custom furniture (wardrobe, hall),
- additional standing lamps, bedside lamps,
- full decoration of the apartment,
- curtains made of blackout fabric with increased weight of fabric, lace curtains.

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