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Sea attractions in Porta Mare Wellness & Spa

If you are looking for a place to relax that combines all the amenities offered by high-class hotels, with the sense of comfort offered by private apartments, Porta Mare Wellness & Spa blends it all together. The facility has been designed to perform several functions, offering clients a standard and range of services adequate to their needs. Porta Mare Wellness & Spa will operate on the principles of an aparthotel, in which both hotel rooms of the same standard and apartments with the functionality of independent, fully equipped apartments will be available. Such a variety of offers is to allow vacationers a free choice between a unified hotel standard and apartments with varied décor and equipment, which will meet both families with children and people who value the comfort of their own home.
Key to the functioning of Porta Mare Wellnes & SPA is the recreational and service facilities, which will be used by hotel guests, apartment owners and their guests. Everything has been well thought out to match the needs of people in the complex.

Porta Mare Wellness & Spa is a unique facility that separated only by the dunes from the Baltic beach. Its interiors will be a combination of modernity and multifunctionality. Bright colors with coastal touches will directly refer to the maritime character of the object and the Wind Rose, a story that is associated with this place. Under the name Róża Wiatrów there was a Szczecin Shipyard center in this location, which inspired us to create an extraordinary seaside complex which is Porta Mare.

How and when you can use it?

Services offered by Porta Mare Wellness & Spa will not only be addressed to hotel guests and residents of apartments, and thus, you will be able to freely use the restaurant, cafe or discotheque. Facilities in the form of swimming pools, rehabilitation and SPA center will also be available on the terms set out in the service pricelists. In order for the apartment owners not to incur additional maintenance costs of the entire service and recreation facilities, all services will be provided by Porta Mare or external entities from the given industry.

For the owners of Porta Mare apartments and their guests, we anticipate attractive packages enabling the use of the recreation and rehabilitation offer of the Porta Mare complex.

The investment is carried out in several stages, check the details

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